Who I Am

Photo by Shana McLaurin
My name's Christine. Hi!

Before I started writing my own stories, I was a reader. My earliest memories all involve books. At first being read to me, later being read by me until I fell asleep on my glasses. Or by the light of a flashlight hidden under my blanket so my mother wouldn't realize I was still awake. (Sorry mom. Now you know.)

I fell in love with writing my own stories in grade school, and fell out of love with how I wrote them sometime around college. But I think the first step to writing well is realizing that you currently don't. So now I approach each story hell bent on one simple goal, to tell it better than I told the last.

I received my bachelor's in anthropology, and now I live and work in the desert southwest. My hobbies include staying inside the air conditioning and reading all summer, and venturing out to hike a bit when the weather has less in common with an oven.

Speak of Ashes is my first novel, and I am diligently writing the sequel right now, unless I am asleep, at work, or dawdling. I promise to keep the dawdling to a minimum.