Thursday, July 17, 2014

Speak of Ashes Just Released

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The Border keeps infernals at bay. That's the official line.

Infernals are immortal, supernaturally strong, and resilient, as long as they can feed on the energy of living souls. The worst part is, they look human.

Peace in the decaying metropolis of Ash is built on the belief that infernals can't slip past the city's defenses, so when Gwyn Hawthorn barely survived an assault by one, most people dismissed her story as a fluke or a lie. The church knows the truth. After nursing her back to health, they trained her to quietly execute the monsters hiding in plain sight.

Now, an unexpected discovery points Gwyn toward the killer who left her just this side of dead and puts vengeance within reach—until a brutal attack dumps her neck-deep in the troubles of a hunted man. Together, they might solve their problems, if their problems don't find them first.

Speak of Ashes is the first novel of Chant of the Departed.

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